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“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.” Dr. Seuss

Typically, I would write to you all, in great detail, what inspired a new piece of artwork. I always explain the who, what, where, when, why and how of it all.

This time, I’d like to hear from you all first, your thoughts, unbiased and free from suggestion. Please leave your comments below.

Just to make things interesting, the FIRST PERSON to come even close to guessing what the story behind this painting is, will receive the first print of this artwork.

Thank you for supporting my art and I look forward to reading what you all come up with. Good luck

“Goddess of Reinvention”
Acrylic on canvas
$2000USD+FREE shipping worldwide

We women abuse ourselves more than anyone else, leaving us covered in invisible scars and bruises that eventually surface and ruin our future plans.

We are shown through advertising and filters bodies that we can’t possibly achieve, possessions we can’t afford and lovers that are too perfect to be real. A false and unattainable sense of security is sold to us making anything lesser subpar when what’s really happening is we have been trained to actively not participate in reality.

Resulting in setting impossible goals and when those are not met we are left deflated and that often leads to self abuse. So, what can you do to make yourself happy?

It is never too late to change your perceptions and see the world for what it is, a place full of opportunities. We can reinvent ourselves and turn the pain into something beautiful like this painting I have made celebrating that idea.

Outside influences are suggestive but at the end of the day you must be disciplined and control your own mind.

If I dug a grave for every person I used to be there would be a cemetery in my backyard.

Shed your skin, sit comfortably in your own decisions and don’t entertain the speeches of fools depicting what you should and shouldn’t be.

“Artifact 18”
Acrylic & Oil on Canvas
$950USD +free shipping worldwide

R. Buckminster Fuller was a renowned 20th century inventor and visionary born in Milton, Massachusetts on July 12, 1895. Dedicating his life to making the world work for all of humanity, Fuller operated as a practical philosopher who demonstrated his ideas as inventions that he called “artifacts.”

Fuller did not limit himself to one field but worked as a 'comprehensive anticipatory design scientist' to solve global problems surrounding housing, shelter, transportation, education, energy, ecological destruction, and poverty.

Throughout the course of his life Fuller held 28 patents, authored 28 books, received 47 honorary degrees. And while his most well know artifact, the geodesic dome, has been produced over 300,000 times worldwide, Fuller's true impact on the world today can be found in his continued influence upon generations of designers, architects, scientists and artists working to create a more sustainable planet.

YES this is the painting that got me #shadowbanned from Facebook without notice.
“Donald Trump's Soviet-style personality cult is a dystopian nightmare for America” – Henry McLeish

The similarities between Stalin & Trump are staggering and loving Animal Farm so much I couldn’t help myself! At the end of the book Jessie, peering through the farmers window, could no longer make a distinction between man or pig and it was then the reader realizes that all hope is lost, sound familiar?
What do YOU think will happen next in the USA? Will the parallel theme of a personality cult alongside Trumps’ Presidential style have lasting repercussions for generations to come? Please share your thoughts below and REMEMBER everyone is entitled to their own opinion, be educated and respectful in your conversations here. Thank you for your attention.

ANIMAL FARM 2020 (Seeds of Civil War)
by Katy McManus
Acrylic & pastels on canvas

Oil on canvas 2016, bring-out-your-dead, Workshop at my place with @katiahonour The spiral signifies constant change, more to the point EVOLUTION. This represents the void of ego and is a constant reminder of healing through movement. @neal_adams_art throwback...great minds think alike!!!

2018 36X72 SOLD So happy to have this painting stay close to my hometown, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. This collector appeared 3 days before my move to Indonesia in August 2018. It was a match made in Heaven and I never met anyone who knew more about Frank Zappa and his musical career. Moments like these are what ddrive me to make artwork everyday.

“The Grimm”
2018 SOLD 72X10X14
Featuring @a.l._grime Ally Grimm, the first installment in my Porcelain Portrait Series, a study of the beauty and fragility each individual artist holds. We destroy ourselves for our art little by little and still press forward. Our energy is precious and must be spent wisely.

"Big Bang" 24X36 acrylic on canvas, collaboration with my dear friend & multi-talented artist RD Desoto.  I camped in maine for 6 weeks and towards the end a few friends, new and old joined me. THIS is the product of 2 likemindded visionaries coming together and creating magic.

“Quintessence” by @katymcmanusart
Featuring Nikola Tesla
30X40 acrylic/oil on canvas
3/4 in the “Scientific Saints” Series “Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point in the universe. This idea is not novel... We find it in the delightful myth of Antheus, who derives power from the earth; we find it among the subtle speculations of one of your splendid mathematicians... Throughout space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic? If static our hopes are in vain; if kinetic and this is what WE KNOW it is, for certain - then it is a mere question of time when man will succeed in attaching machinery to the very wheel-work of nature.”
-Nikola Tesla

18x24 Acrylic on Canvas -sold
"Sober" by Katy McManus, displayed at Luna Light, Art All Night, Artform Gallery & Tattoo -sold

"Sober was an interesting painting that I believe lead me to CoSM and awakened my art journey. This was my first painting portrait and a great lesson in form and contrast. I look at this painting now 2 years old and I still find new things that I love about it. It is safely at home with its owner who I believe this painting called to. I couldn't be more pleased!"

-Katy McManus

36x48 Acrylic on Canvas -price available upon request
"Ingress" by Katy McManus, displayed at Luna Light, Mistletoe Show, Great North, Disc Jam, Tattoo Masquerade,VOMA, Artform Gallery & Tattoo -price available upon request

"Ingress is about spiritual transformation via water. I was painting an abstract of the situation I was in, at the time. The rest of this story will go to my grave."

-Katy McManus

18x24 Mixed Media on Canvas -NFS
"Double Down" by Katy McManus, displayed at Mistlet Show, VOMA, Artform Gallery & Tattoo -NFS

"Double Down is a mixed media painting I did of an abstract heart. These painting are PERFECT for kids because they are virtually indestructible. They love the textures and it gives them muscle memory and an interest in art. One of my biggest passions is getting children interested in art. Without you you can't be creative, what kind of life is that?"

-Katy McManus

16x40 Acrylic on Canvas -price available upon request
"Rock-to-pus" by Katy McManus, displayed at Artform Gallery & Tattoo, Mistletoe Show, VOMA -price available upon request

"Rock-to-pus was named because it looks like speakers and who wouldn't love a musical octopus? This was a study I did in light sources. Totally one of my favorite pieces to take to shows."

-Katy McManus

18x24 Mixed Media on Canvas -NFS
"Heaven" by Katy McManus, displayed at Artform Gallery & Tattoo -NFS

" A mixed media painting like this is real durable and great for touching without damaging the painting. Growing up in Pittsburgh around all of the beautiful artwork collected by the Carnegie family is a blessing and a curse because some of those pieces just begged to be touched. As a child I found it so frustrating so now I make art kids can touch! 'Heaven' is a representation of the underwater dreams I have. These are the creatures floating around me in this series of reoccurring dreams I've had since I was a child."

-Katy McManus

42x60 Acrylic on Canvas in custom frame -sold
"Music in Nature" by Katy McManus, displayed at Luna Light, Mistletoe Show, Great North, Disc Jam, Tattoo Masquerade,VOMA, Artform Gallery & Tattoo -sold

"This was a huge commissioned painting with all the zodiac constellations. A friend had this made for his sister as a house warming gift. This was a really fun painting to work on. I can't believe how it changes throughout the day due to the drab olive (actual paint color name) paint."

-Katy McManus

UPDATE: @aperture_opening WON THIS PAINTING 🙏 It’s wonderful now, one year later, seeing the landscape turn green again after the crippling wild fires all over Australia. I wanted to show my children the beauty of Australia, instead I will show them the ash that hero’s are born from.
The unmanageable wildfires, due in part by aboriginal cool burning practices being ignored by western policies, in Australia devastated the landscape, ecosystem, wildlife, & most Australians way of life.
This is my new home and I didn’t want to sit by ideally playing the blame game. I didn’t care how the fires started I just wanted to manifest aide in whatever form I could. I made this aboriginalesque inspired mandala as a prayer for rain and gifted it to one of my followers. It may have worked too well as there is now flooding in the North to watch out for.
Australian is forever changing and resilient and I absolutely love being here and calling this country home and watching its ever changing landscape thrive.
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#australia #saveaustralia #australiawildlife #australiabushfires #animals #heros #voluteers #australiafires “Prayer for Rain” 24X24 acrylic on canvas

“Thinking of Jimmy Rich”
2.5X6 foot Acrylic & Oil on canvas
“He is my super power, my secret weapon, he’s been my right hand man for the last ten years.” Robert Downey Jr. quote about Jimmy Rich

Some friendships are so grand they lack definition & something magical happens; you build each other up emotionally & if you’re lucky professionally. May we all be blessed to find connections like this in others.

Thank you @jimmy_rich for allowing me to honor your kinship in this way.


Unfortunately, I am sad to report, with a heavy heart, we lost this remarkable human being Jimmy Rich in a car crash early in 2021. He left us a legacy of kindness & adventure in the examples he set by living his life in his own truth on his own terms. When I think of him & its more often than not, I smile and think off the gift in this collaborative painting we made together. Rest in Peace dear man.

“Kharma” 55X63
Acrylic on canvas
Karma involves the idea of the continuity of a pattern. People look for patterns everywhere. It is a part of our intrinsic make-up and a big reason for the survival of our species. When history repeats itself, it tends to do so with good karma or bad karma. Karma transcends many cycles of life so you won’t necessarily reap the benefits of what you sow in this lifetime. Nor can you expect to pay for your indiscretions here and now.
On her right hand she holds the Ori of Vivi that releases fear, anxiety, guilt, shame and mainly allows courage and pleasure in one’s own accomplishments ignited by the breath of creation that can only come from a woman.
With her left hand she holds the form of the Ahamkara Mudra meant only for emotional and spiritual use specifically for manifesting self-confidence, self-assertion & for counteracting fear and timidity.
I am blessed that the original mural concept (4X this size) for this painting fell short of my expectations as I was going to paint it for free, now I’m left me with a beautiful painting that can go anywhere and truly find the home it was intended for. Thank you for looking

“Tusk” completed 40X48 Acrylic & Oil on canvas. This is my simple version of Ganesha (destroyer of obstacles) with one of his wives, Buddhi (meaning wisdom) and their son Labha (meaning profit or acquisition), here Ganesha’s broken tusk shows through Buddhis heart & touches the third eye of his son connecting them all from harm, shame & stupidity. Thank you for looking

Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes from living. - Anthony Douglas Williams
Amongst doing countless studies and this master painting I have found myself in a blessed meditative state here in Bali; I’ve been seeking truth & honesty in people as simple as a flower in Spring & the island continues to provide this in spades. This woman carries herself like a Queen, stepping out of her one bedroom villa every morning to tend to the families blessings that she quietly gathers from the ground; rice, banana leaves, frangipani blossoms, incense and care surround her fingers and spread to the family like wild fire. A spark of protection that could only come from her hands. She finally spoke to me, after two months of silence, before I left for my new villa in Ubud. Her words were as soft and graceful as her foot steps and a smile of gratitude formed on her face when she gazed upon her painting for the first time. I am so glad to have had her energy around me while in Penestanan. Thank you for looking at my painting that is on its way out of the country to its new home 🙏, “Goddess of Patience” 24X36 Acrylic & Oil on canvas.

“Ode to the Artsits’ Hands”
24X24 oil on canvas 🙌 Soft and strong
covered in paint and tears
always pointing me in the right direction.
There to marry to the heart that gravity, doubt and time claw at like rats.
Abused and taken for granted yet still they serve dutifully as sanctuary for my head at night.
Rifling through my sketches and books
nagging me to make an occupation for them like children playing dress-up.
Pretty maids all in a row....
Broken, scarred, knotted, weathered, calloused, bruised,
soft and strong and covered in paint and tears
always pointing me in the right direction.

My life without your love was empty and simple. 💕 love xoxo-k

What is to be done next when you’re actively fulfilling your legacy, when is enough, enough? As Artists, we say NEVER. Keep retelling your tales however you can and dream another dream to share everyday. XOXO-k

Quests for The Holy Grail

A man of many minds, Set upon his Road of Trials...
What makes a man; A leader amongst men?
For a hero to succeed He must face these trials alone In the name of a just cause, Returning dead or alive.
For a God to emerge Our hero must return victorious From his quest unscathed.
Kings ride home with spoils Some for the crops Some for the cocks, Bragging of triumphs not won alone.
Saints carried, approaching their thrown's, Holy relics abound with Condolences for widows Delivered through Wine stained lips.
To produce a leader, A being of balanced virtue & experience, One must face this Road of Trials & in retelling the tale through deep scars and Broken teeth to virgin ears, Be humbled by its influence & Respectful of its recollection.
When dawn is dusk Our leader is the only one who dreams; He rests in his legacy; Content in the stars, Seeking nothing of daybreak... Conqueror of all.

Now, for those of you that actually read this ...the next question is, what is this man like today? Picture a person of actual sound body and mind, someone who has actually managed not to get a God-Complex in this horrible cyber world we live in, careful with his words and exacting in his movements. Art would imitate life and vice versa, a true dreamer, someone who can see what’s ahead and the possibilities of what could is every artist that tells their story everyday, as they see it, a leader? If YES, what are you doing to seek that truth today, live in that light, humble yourself before your Road of Trials to emerge a leader yourself?
Stay humble, stay truthful, stay observant

24x36 Acrylic on Canvas -sold
"Duplexity" by Katy McManus, displayed at RSVP Recording Studio, Great North & Artform Gallery & Tattoo -sold

"I named this Duplexity instead of duality because I wanted to show the male/female pairing to be complimentary to one another as opposed to conflicting. This painting was transformed several times because the situation I was painting was ever changing just like life."

-Katy McManus

38x50 Acrylic on Canvas #1 in the "Seeds of Olympus" series-price available upon request
"Medusa's Return" by Katy McManus, displayed at Gem & Jam, Great North, Disc Jam & Artform Gallery & Tattoo -price available upon request

"Ever since my father got me subscriptions to National Geographic and Scientific American I have had an interest in our galaxy. 'Medusa's Return' or as I lovingly call her 'Ceto' is the first installment in the Gods/Goddess series "Seeds of Olympus" that will contain both mythological figures and their constellations or orbital paths. For example: the crown on Cetos' head is actually the orbital map of four of our planets and the path of the Star "Ceto." Discovered in 2003 by Mike Brown and Chad Trujillo.

The Story behind the painting: I wanted to give Medusa a proper ending to her tale. She got a bum deal if you ask me. Ceto is the Mother to all mythological monsters most notably  the gorgons. Medusa was 1 of triplets, Ceto's only normal daughter and mortal, her sisters where born immortal Gorgons or snake women. Medusa was so beautiful that  Athena took her in as a lady in waiting. When Poseidon assaulted her in Athena's temple she blamed Medusa for not protecting her virtue and transformed her into a gorgon as punishment and then tasked Perseus with her murder just to wear Medusas' head as a weapon and trophy mounted on her shield fore-evermore. In this painting we see the scene of Ceto, an awaken Goddess and Mother after centuries of slumber, waiting for her beautiful daughter to pass by her one last time on her way the see Hades. It's bittersweet because she can't turn around for fear that her daughter will turn her to stone, she has to have a Mother's faith that her child is now free. We as the viewers can take comfort in the fact that a Mother's faith and love is sound."
-Katy McManus
24x36 Acrylic on Canvas -sold
"Interdimensional Purview" by Katy McManus, displayed at VOMA, Artform Gallery & Tattoo -sold

"This was inspired by Adam Psybe, when I saw him at Gem and Jam 2015, it just amazed me. So, I decided to paint a fractalized view of an Apple tree throughout the 4 seasons. My favorite is Fall where you can see the apples floating down the river. This is another one that my brother owns and sits happily in his office in Denver. I am so flattered to have my art on display at such an amazing company!"

-Katy McManus

24x36 Mixed Media on Canvas -price available upon request
"Sweet Agony" by Katy McManus, displayed at Art All Night, Luna Light, Mistletoe Show, Great North, Disc Jam,VOMA, Artform Gallery & Tattoo -price available upon request

"There is a long and sorted story behind this mixed media painting. Perhaps someday I will explain it."

-Katy McManus

“The Daydreams of King Robert”
Acrylic & Oil on canvas 32X43 SOLD
48 hours solid and covered in paint just to find that’s it’s a typical day in Bali & the water isn’t working on my street, again! Regardless I will fall asleep to this sunrise with the comfort of knowing this 12 month labor of love is finally complete. This is Robert, he passed away quite some time ago, but he is still his sons’ hero & his love of art brought us together to create this beautiful tribute in his father’s memory. Roberts wife looks to the stars at night, for a reason known only to her, in the hopes of seeing the International Space Station pass by because it reminds her of Robert & it connects them still. We should all be so blessed to have a love that spans the galaxy & the test of time. Thank you for looking xoxo-k

What’s your spirit animal? Do you nurture or starve this part of yourself?
It seems characteristic of the mind of man that the repression of what is natural to humans must be abhorred, but that what is natural to an infinitely more natural animal must be confined within the bounds of a reason peculiar only to men -- more peculiar sometimes than seems reasonable at all.
-Beryl Markham
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“In the Den”
Pastels on wood
by. Katy McManus

acrylic & pastels
on wood 10” DIA

I feel like I’ve left the Twilight Zone & entered the land of Oz; moving from the USA, traveling through Southeast Asia & finally arriving in the South Pacific safe & sound.

Western Australia is laid-back, thriving financially & the landscapes steal my breath away. The most impressive part, for me, is how the State stays so uniform in their efforts to control Covid, keep the land clean, & protect historical sites while engineering new jobs & innovations all in the name of the future prosperity of WA. These responsibilities fall on the MP, if the leader of the State can’t unite or inspire their people by leading by example nothing truly ever changes. I’m constantly impressed by our Premiere & this painting is my way of saying thank you to him.

This journey over the past 3 years has opened my eyes to so many different cultures, governments & customs. One of the most impressive people I’ve seen so far is Western Australias’ Premiere, @mark_mcgowan_mp . He is celebrated for his swift decision making & common sense politics. I’m so grateful to be living in a world to see a leader so grounded & transparent in his goals.

-son of a wool classer, Dennis & a Primary School teacher, Mary
-nearly a national squash champion; attended National Titles at 15
-supports MMA cage fighting & medical cannabis
-took his wife Sarah to laser tag for their first date
-SAVED a man from a burning car, no shit, he saved the man & then visited him for months while he recovered
-1996 awarded commendation for Brave Conduct as a Naval Officer
-joined Australian labor party in ‘84
-father of 3
-2012 became opposition leader
-20+ years in Parliament
-served as Deputy Mayor, Rockingham City Councillor & Lieutenant at HMAS Crestwall
-crossed the Nullarbor in an ‘88 Corolla Hatchback, which is just awesome!
-moved homeless German backpacker Tim Janssen into his home until he could sort out work for himself & get back on his feet, after seeing Tim sleeping in his car

This is not just a good politician, this is a good person. My husband & I hope his ambition is not limited to WA.

24X36 "The Weight"

*original post:

2018 TO DO LIST:
✅JANUARY-LIVE paint at CoSM @chapelofsacredmirrors with @alexgreycosm @allysongreycosm Alex & Allyson Grey

✅FEBRUARY-Create the largest Mixed Media Mische Mandala with all my love and intentions for the year while teaching painting classes

✅MARCH-Curate a group show & debut “Quintessence” alongside two of my favorite artists and best friends
✅APRIL-Finish my most intense self portrait to date and LIVE paint at CoSM, again🤗
✅MAY-Travel to the other side of the planet (literally) meet my mentor and fall in love with art in a way I never thought possible.
✅JUNE-BIG NEWS: I’m prepping to move to Bali...took a workshop taught by @katiahonour Katia Honour, there I finally got to meet the man behind the emails, Master Artist working in Ubud Bali for 40 years, Wolfgang Widmoser (assisted Fuchs and Dali) and he’s asked me to be the first apprentice he’s ever had. The light of the East calls and I have fully committed this year to allow my artwork to dictate where my life journey goes next. I have always thought of myself as a library and every person I meet is a book there. The wealth of knowledge that is being passed down is something I take very seriously and I am grateful to have a mentor that respects me as a peer & loves me like a daughter. I am humbled and breathless in this blessing. Thank you for this amazing opportunity @wolfgangwidmoser 🙏
I’m taking a leap of faith in myself with my last bit of bravery in-toe; now, I’m back in the United States selling everything I own in this pursuit, less the 200 LBS I can take on the plane in August (art supplies and books only.) I’m lucky to be able to share this journey with you all.
Thank you for your unconditional support, love & kindness. Wish me luck🙏 As most of you know I’m an Artist on (LINK IN BIO) in my efforts to pursue my dreams I’m raffling off this painting. Become a Patreon of mine before 08.18.18 to ENTER TO WIN. The rules are simple every $1 = 1 ENTRY & the ENTRIES DOUBLE at every tier🏅plus you get all the rewards of being a patron for mandalas, secret posts, prints, stickers, and so much more. Sending so much love & thanks.

LIVE painted for @spiritpgh , a gesso panel. I started to express my deep concerns about coral bleaching. The easiest way to begin to educate yourself on this topic quickly would be to simply view the documentary “Chasing Coral”. After that, if you are so inclined, the team that organized this has a myriad of different ways to help get involved...easier than you think!! I think it’s most telling that the “dead” coral is now turning fluorescent in a last ditch effort to fulfill its primary goal of protecting the earth from over-heating. Anxious to hear all of your opinions about this subject.

“Love Thy Fun-guy” will be on tour again this June, thank you @ryangattsthirdeye at @thenovasanctuary in NY for showcasing such a wonderful collection! Big love for you and your family and your constant support of new and unique art. @diverse_medium for giving us Artists such a great base to work with!  Thank you for taking care of my baby and displaying him so beautifully @vomajohnstowns

30x40 Acrylic & Oil on Canvas #2 of 4 in the "Scintiefic Saints" series -price available upon request
"Beyond the Event Horizon" by Katy McManus, on display now at VOMA -price available upon request

"This 30x40 painting is the second installment in the 4 part 'Scientific Saints' series featuring Tesla, Einstein, Hawking, and Curie. Because of  Stephen Hawking and his Black Hole Paradox I named this painting from the stand point that you can pass through the event horizon to see a white hole on the other side. I call it wishful thinking."

-Katy McManus

30x40 Acrylic & Oil on Canvas #1 of 4 in the "Scientific Saints" series -price available upon request
"The Hive" by Katy McManus, on display now at VOMA -price available upon request

"This is the first installment in the 4 part 'Scientific Saints' series featuring Tesla, Einstein, Hawking, and Curie. Einstein said, 'remove the bee from the Earth and at the same stroke you remove at least 100,000 plants which will not survive.' I came across this quote on the cusp of 6 species of bees being added to the endangered species list. There are a few links to bees, most notably was Einsteins' paper on the Brownian motion, where he concluded that pollen observed under a microscope was  being moved by individual water molecules. The Brownian motion served as convincing evidence that atoms and molecules EVEN EXIST! 10% of the sale of this painting is earmarked for The Pollinator Partnership."

-Katy McManus

14x30 Acrylic on Canvas -sold
"The Gathering" by Katy McManus, displayed at Great North, Disc Jam, Artform Gallery & Tattoo -sold

"The Gathering is a meeting of all my favorite characters real and fictional coming together in the middle of the night to decide the fate of humanity. Do they intervene and save us one last time or just quietly wait for us to destroy each other and let the land heal. These are Earth bound, enlightened, humanity isn't looking so great.

Fun Fact: My brother liked this so much that I gave it to him for his Birthday...but, not before I hid an image of Elmo in this painting as a joke! Can you find him?"

-Katy McManus

14x30 Acrylic on Canvas -NFS
"5 Fates" by Katy McManus -NFS

"An oldie but a goodie, '5 Fates' was inspired by an old television show called 'Hermans' Head.' Which got me to thinking about what my needs and wants were at the time and the internal struggles. From left to right are our wants and needs, you feed one just to starve another. Logic, curiosity, child-like faith, followed by hunger and will. It's a bit dark but it helped to get this out at the time. Art is amazingly healing like that."

-Katy McManus

9, 8x10 Jigsaw Paintings, Acrylic on Canvas -sold
"MOMdalas" by Katy McManus -sold

"This is a JigSaw Puzzle Painting, the idea is to make a painting that you can spread out among many people who are now united through one piece of art made with love. Plus, each piece is beautiful on it's own but when the puzzle is built it is so much more impressive. This one was specifically designed for Mom's! I gifted these to people that protect and love me like my Mother would. I still have a few and intend to pass them out throughout my life."

-Katy McManus

36x36 Mixed Media on Canvas -price available upon request
"Grilled Cheese Funk" painted exclusively for G-Nome Project at Club Cafe by Katy McManus -price available upon request

"This was painted live when G-Nome Project came to Pittsburgh. I met these guys at the Great North festival and we just clicked. I made this mixed media painting with gold paint so the cheese would look real. So many people say they want to eat this, who can blame them, it looks soooooo cheesy!"

-Katy McManus

"This organite and acrylic collaboration that I made with the artist Sal-Utation was amazing. This piece is an amplifier for any stone alter. The precious stones paired with the mandalas and precious metal based paints make this a wholly unique and truly one of a kind painting. Whoever buys this will have one of the grandest creations I have ever made. My hope is that it goes to the right home."

-Katy McManus


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