My Story


My name is Katy McManus & I started Artistry Approach in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania November 2017, in the HOPE that artists and creatives would come together and manifest art in new and inventive ways. After 2 years of traveling throughout Indonesia, Australia and South East Asia my husband and I have staked our claim on a new land. Artistry Approach is now located near Perth, Australia on our property Meros Technis, a 5 acre sanctuary for making art through full immersion into nature, meditation, and permaculture. Artistry Approach is one of the most peaceful and quite places you'll find outside of the city.


What I've learned is that I can do anything given the proper focus, determination, time & materials. Everyone deserves to learn a new way of expressing themselves. As I continue to  grow, my goal is to help others do the same.

Contact me and unlock you creative potential.  -Katy McManus

My Mission

Artistry Approach houses the collective works, products & services of Katy McManus. Here you'll find a variety of fine art, prints, stickers, meditative-art therapy puzzles,  & collaborative art classes & workshops.

Workshops are held for all skill levels. Artists come here to share the collective goal to guide individuals unto a path in which they can express themselves in new and inventive ways.

Whether you want to add to your personal  collection or create your own fine art, THIS is the place for you. What you learn and how far you go is limited only by your imagination!