LIVE Painting at The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, CoSM

April 2017

Event Summary: This is a home away from home for most artists. If you are invited to LIVE paint or just need to get away CoSM is the place for you!

LIVE PAINTING at COSM Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Full Moon Gathering: April 2017 was amazing! It felt like I was at home painting with friends.

I was introduced to CoSM a few years ago and since then I have meditated on that place and I see the foundation they are laying out for artistic generations to come. To be a part of that, even the smallest way, makes a difference and I am truly humbled and honored to be included.

Thank you Jon Ohia for honoring my efforts and inviting my artwork into such a sacred space. I want nothing more than to support Alex Grey & Allyson Grey's most recent project, the erection of Entheon, a massive project revolving around the unveiling of the Sacred Mirrors which have not seen the light of day in nearly a decade. Attendees had the opportunity to support this cause by having a portrait painted LIVE by Alex, who loving named these "supportraits". Logon to for more details.

We are all visitors here, and our time is short, so the real question is, what will your legacy be? My journey led me here for a reason and I do not believe in coincidences. Again, thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey, even if it was not by the most conventional avenues.

A very special thank you goes out to....John Harris (Johnny), Genevieve Wood, Louie Izzo, Martin Bridge, ILL.DES, Keith Prossick, Roland Ramos, Caren Charles, Keiara Gallodoro, Hannah Beth, Madame Ximon and every single staff member and volunteer the treats this sacred space like a home away from home. I do apologize if I missed anyone, you all know how much I love you!

Pop Thief Pre Jam, March 2017

Event Summary: This local EP drop featured 4 bands and tons of beautiful art was dropped off by Pittsburgh Artists for the BIG BIG BIG Paint Jam later int he month.

LIVE painting at this event was epic! We had so much fun exploring the James Street Pub and all it's architectural beauty.

Local shows like this pop up all around us, keep your eyes pealed so you can bring your art and support our beautiful city, Pittsburgh.

Mistletoe Show, December 2016

Event Summary: If you are looking for a challenge and a test of your resourcefulness this is the event for you. Great space for displaying art & perfect if you are a do-it-yourself-er!

Live painting here was fun and a lot of work. I love finding shows like this, they really help me focus on my goals as an artist. Careful people, you definitely want to keep your eyes peeled for events like this!

Glad I could transport my art there for an appearance at this show despite electrical problems and location issues. There were little surprises the entire weekend, too bad the owner missed all the fun!

G-Nome Project at Club Cafe November 2016

Event Summary: These guys are the premiere Israel electro-funk band. Their music is described as Grilled Cheese Funk! Any event that includes them is a must see!!!

Live painting with these guys was an amazing experience. I really have no idea how I became so blessed Their music helped me create something totally new!

The painting done here was specifically for this band. "Grilled Cheese Funk" is a mixed media painting which is surprisingly still available for purchase!

Great North, September 2016

Event Summary: If you are looking for a place to find awesome art, music, and people you found it! I can't wait to go back and paint this year. The fresh seafood is calling me back too!!!

Live painting here was amazing! I want to do this events every year! I take a friend and hit the road for a 14 hour drive north to my favorite Art & Music Festival in Maine.

This 4 day festival is full of superior art, fresh food, music, vendors, and live performers. My favorite memory is seeing everyone dance to Space epic DJ that pops up at all my favorite festivals!

Tattoo Masquerade July 2016

Event Summary: Come here to experience multiple art forms & master tattoo artists. If you are looking for a place to find fine art, music, and people look no further! I can't wait to go back and paint live again this year. Best up and coming indoor mini tattoo-festival in Denver.

Live painting here was incredible. It was organized and professional from the get go. This 3 day indoor mini-festival has all the trappings of a fine art & music festival without the unpredictable weather.

There was never a dull moment for me or my clients. There were exotic animals, fine artwork, & THE MOST AMAZING TATTOO ARTISTS around. Hopefully, I will see some familiar faces this year!

Disc Jam April 2016

Event Summary: There is something for everyone at this ufo & pineapple themed music & art festival. If you're looking for a smaller festival to unwind at, then this is the place for you.

This was one of my first solo events and it couldn't have been more challenging. Finding help from the volunteer staff was very easy. The event was awesome but the weather wasn't our friend.

It was too windy to live paint most of the time and it rained quite a bit. But, we all made the best of it and had a blast! I would totally do this event again!

Gem & Jam Music & Arts Festival, February 2016

Event Summary: This is a must not miss event! It is hands down my favorite place to live paint at. The energy from all the precious stones in town for the major Gem Show paired with the artists and musicians is unmatched.

Each year artists are called out of their Winter hibernation to gather for Gem and Jam in Arizona. I look forward to seeing the latest works from the Tribe 13 Gallery and all of the rare and fairly priced gems.

Live painting here, I must say, is the highlight of my year and usually my first festival of the new year. If you are looking to get rejuvenated mind, body and soul then this is the festival for you!

Luna Light Music & Art Festival, October 2015

Event Summary: This 4 day event is amazing! There are multiple stages and beautiful cabins to rent in this rejuvenated Day. There are free workshops, yoga, live art, yummy food, and fantastic music for everyone!

This was my first official festival and I couldn't have been more pleased with the volunteers, the cabins, live music, and painting!

my friends and I hardly got any sleep at this jam-packed event. The food is amazing and the coffee and hot chocolate is always hot!

RSVP Recording Studio Party, July 2015

Thanks to my dear friend and fellow artist Seth Leibowitz I have been blessed enough to meet the people at CoSM. This event was full of resident artists from there.

RSVP Recording Studios main mission is to pair LIVE painting artists with the PERFECT band! We definitely need more companies like this!

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