Katy McManus, Owner of Artistry Approach

Artist Statement

Born and raised in Pittsburgh PA, Katy McManus is a highly passionate Artist currently practicing Inn Saei. This practice helps her reflect her insights and interpretations of the world and space around us. She paints with the belief that these works of art will both inspire others and honor the subject matter of each creation.

Artist Biography

I have been working since I was 9 when my Grandmother said I was tall enough to reach the counter at her Custard Stand. Painting abstract mixed media pieces has been a passion of mine since 1991. After college I stopped creating art and I did not find inspiration again until 2014. While locked in a corporate job, that I had an aptitude for but did not love, a family friend introduced me to a painting technique that once again ignited my passion for art. The ideas just started pouring out, at 34 I changed everything I was doing; I began managing a Tattoo and Art Gallery & I quickly began learning everything I could again about love, life, and art. In rediscovering my love for the world of art I found that I became calmer and more intuitive, and closer to my main goal of fully embracing Inn Saei. Two years later,  I began Artistry Approach to inspire others to use their imaginations to their fullest potential too.

Thank you for exploring my artistic journey, K


I don't have a specific style & I'm always trying new things. I mainly paint with acrylics & oils on canvas and create mandalas. I also enjoy making frames in my studio at Meros Technis, the property where Artistry Approach is located. My favorite and most inspirational artists are Leonardo Da Vinci, Mark Ryden, Katia Honour, Aloria Weaver, Morgan Mandala, Randall Roberts, David Weaver, Martin Bridge, Aubrey Beardsley, Carl Bridge, Lucas Hong-Jie Zhao, Ally Grimm, Ryan Gardell, Seth Leibowitz, Chris Bohlin, & Adam Psybe...just to name a few.

Life & Art

My advice to anyone seeking a career in art is to save your money on art school & think outside the box. You can attend workshops & surround yourself with like-minded people who will inspire & challenge you to do your best outside of a standard curriculum. I applaud anyone with the time & means to attend art school, however I have opened Artistry Approach to assist people like me with the passion & motivation to learn but not the money or months to spend in a traditional classroom. Reaching your maximum potential, I am learning, does not always include the most conventional avenues.


When I'm not making art you can find me playing with my dogs, reading in my hammock down by the creek, gardening, hiking, driving golf balls, surfing Netflix, baking, building a campfire, or riding my bike through the trails of Meros Technis, near Pittsburgh PA. When it rains I'll spend the whole day watching movies & baking with friends or reading in my library.

If you ever want to attend a workshop or need a commissioned painting please feel free to contract me directly.

Thank you for supporting my artistic journey.

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