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#2 of 4 in the "Scientific Saints" series
“Quintessence” by Katy McManus featuring Nikola Tesla, 3 of 4 in the “Scientific Saints” Series

Artwork for Your Life from My Dreams

Creative thinking inspires great ideas.




This site houses my collective works, products & services however Artistry Approach is so much more. On this site you'll find a variety of fine art, prints, stickers, & Jung-based meditative-art therapy puzzles.


Workshops are COMING in 2022 for all skill levels with the collective goal to guide individuals onto a path in which they can express themselves in new and inventive ways.


Whether you want to add to your personal  collection or create your own fine art, THIS is the place for you. What you learn and how far you go is limited only by your imagination!


-Katy McManus

-Owner of Artistry Approach

Dear Friends & Family;

 As most of you know I started Artistry Approach in November 2016 in the hopes of sharing affordable fine art throughout the world. Shortly afterwards, I was approached by a member of the team at Patreon. At that time the site was just launching and it seemed like the perfect marriage of creativity and connectivity. To this day it is still my main source of communication with my clients and the very best way for you to collect art!

Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for creators like me to get paid to continue our artistic journeys.

By joining Patreon you can receive up to $1000 in rewards from me directly simply by BEING YOUR WONDERFUL SELF!
  Thank you for your time & always your support
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