#2 of 4 in the "Scientific Saints" series
“Quintessence” by Katy McManus featuring Nikola Tesla, 3 of 4 in the “Scientific Saints” Series

Artwork for Your Life from My Dreams

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"This site houses my collective works, products & services however Artistry Approach is so much more. On this site you'll find a variety of fine art, prints, stickers, meditative-art therapy puzzles, private lessons  & collaborative art classes.


Workshops are being held for all skill levels with the collective goal to guide individuals onto a path in which they can express themselves in new and inventive ways.

Whether you want to add to your personal  collection or create your own fine art, THIS is the place for you. What you learn and how far you go is limited only by your imagination!"


-Katy McManus

-Owner of Artistry Approach

RD Desoto & Katy McManus, a Collaborative Painting


The Star of the Collection “Big Bang” 28x36  Acrylic on canvas, November 2017 by Katy McManus & RD Desoto
The Star of the Collection “Big Bang” 28x36 Acrylic on canvas, November 2017 by Katy McManus & RD Desoto
Katy McManus & RD Desoto have been working on paintings the entire month of October. Introducing the first of many custom collaborations, “Big Bang” featuring the creation of life organized and tended to by Filler Fleas, a creation & concept conceived entirely by the artists. 

These Filler Fleas thought they were showing up for another typical day at work but have arrived just in time to find Fill, a disgruntled Flea Jacking-on to the network and disrupting the delicate balance between reality and the veil. Weld & Tact are busy searching for Fill, who’s downloading so much, so quickly that another dimension full of life is being created due to the overload. Most other Fillers are spraying everything down and trying to keep the lights off. However, once the download has begun it is quite difficult to stop the next 
“Big Bang”!

Available now for purchase, serious inquires may be made by clicking the link below. Thank you for sharing the love of art!

“I hope people enjoy this silly interpretation of The Particle Adventure Theory in String Theory. We laughed the entire time making this painting and put a lot of creative energy into this artwork. It has all my favorite elements; adventure, vibrant colors, fun characters, bio-organic life, and brush stokes placed by loving hands.”
-Katy McManus

”I liked working with Katy McManus. She listens and is not afraid to experiment with her creativity. Nothing was planned so it turned out exactly like it was supposed to.”
-RD Desoto

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